Dr. Mohammad Abbas Ezmerli
Dermatologist and Aesthetic Doctor


  • German Board in Dermatology And Venereology.
  • American Board of Aesthetic Medicine (Filler-Botox-Laser-Cosmetic procedures).
  • German fellowship in hair diseases and laser.
  • Member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.
  • Member of the European Society of Dermatology.
  • Member of the German Allergy Society .
  • Member of the German association for Botox and Filler.
  • Holds 7 Certificates from Medical school of Harvard University.
  • 5 years experience at the University Hospital of  Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, with over than 350 beds in Dermatology. And considered as the largest hospital in Europe for dermatology and allergies.

Visionto develop a national and international recognized dermatology, aesthetic, and ophthalmology center of excellence in providing state of the art patient care and leadership.

Missionto provide high quality patient centered dermatology, aesthetic, and ophthalmology services, serving outpatient activity.

Values providing best healthcare services based on:
5.1 respect, compassion, and integrity. 
5.2 continuous healing relationships 
5.3 patient needs and values. 
5.4 sharing knowledge and cooperation 
5.5 evidence - based decision making 
5.6 transparency

Patients' rights at Mohammed Abbas Ezmerli Medical Complex

• Open a medical file at no expenses in any private hospitals.
• Access to services pricing lists in advance.
• Receive a printed copy of your medical prescription if the hospital is using an electronic system and to have all the medications Witten in their generic names.
• Receive your medical report at no expenses.
• Receive in advance all the expected expenses of treatment with a detailed bill about the delivered service and their cost En • Prohibit limiting patients to a specific pharmacy hospital or laboratory without giving them the right to choose.
• your privacy should be protected and never expose any part of unless is needed.
• doctors and all the others health care providers are required to disinfect their hands and wear medical gloves.
• Be aware of diagnosis treatment plan, and all possible complications and side effects.
• to know the name of your treating physician and of those who are taking care of you.
• Naver take any picture of you or your condition without your permission and to be used only for scientific purposes.
• Receive a copy of your discharge report to facilitate your follow up with your doctor or the local hospital if needed or to take a second medical opinion without affecting your continuing of receiving medical treatment at the hospital.
• A follow-up visits free of charge within fourteen days of the initial visit.
• Patients/families have the right to access to care.
• Patients/families have the right to be treated with respect, dignity, and respecting their values and believes.
• Patients/families have the right to security and confidentiality of their medical record and health information.
• Patients/families have the right to be involved in the decision making of their care plans.
• Patients/families have the right to professional assessment and management of pain.
• Patients/families have the right to professional assessment and management of pain.
• Patients/families have the right to refuse or discontinue treatment or ask for a second opinion without fearing that their care may be compromised.
• Patients/families have the right to request a detailed medical report to be presented to other centers and sick leave notification for regulatory purposes

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